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planemark 05-20-2021 08:17 AM

Under Representation in Your Collection
I have a modest collection consisting of 83 1:200 airliners plus about half that number in 1:400. My criteria is basically U.S. carriers and attempting to get several various airframes in the mix. As I look at it though, I see the Boeing 707/720 is quite under represented. In fact there is only one and that is VC-137 Air Force One (707-353B). I am wondering for other collectors what airframe do you see as under represented in your collections? It might be one of a airplane in a modest collection like mine, or only ten or so in a large collection. Although I only have the one, I do not intend to add more as my collection volume display area ("The pattern in full") is maxed out and I do not want to ride myself of others to make room. How about you?

arctic9048 05-20-2021 09:35 AM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
I don’t have any A340’s or A380’s but I have had them on the past. I do think the A340-600 is one of the better looking airframes. I have about 140, half of those I have flown on so will never get rid of. The others I keep for one reason or another but space of course is an issue. I do find it harder to justify any model that will cost more than $150-175 these days that I haven’t been on. Ultimately they go on a shelf and I do think there’s no point in spending large sums on something I’m going to put on a shelf. Fortunately I’ve been collecting long enough where I have bought all the stuff I really, really want when it was new.

KLM4me 05-20-2021 09:40 AM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
It would be easier to list what I do have: 727, 747, 787, 330, 340. Also 737, but that's in 100 scale.

NYCAAer 05-20-2021 09:49 AM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
I donít think 83 1/200 models is modest, thatís a pretty good size collection! Iím trying to downsize my collection to the models that I really like, and not have a lot of stuff lying around in boxes or collecting dust, so I sold off all of my Delta and United models, which have no sentimental value to me.

Iíve never thought about any aircraft type or livery thatís underrepresented in my collection, I just buy what I like, and then like what I buy, to quote one of our members here!

Because I work for AA, I have 1/200s spanning the history of the company, from the DC-3 by Gemini through to the modern day. I have a few models of airlines that have merged into AA, namely Allegheny, Mohawk and the triple-red USAir. No USAir 1990 blue and red polished metal livery, US Airways, Piedmont, PSA, TWA or Reno Air. I might be tempted to get a TWA Constellation which is still available, and the upcoming TWA Convair 880, but itís not pressing.

I also have quite a few models of BOAC/BEA/British Airways, AAís biggest partner in the Oneworld alliance, but I donít have a lot of other Oneworld models, just a couple of Iberia, and I sold off my JAL models, not really a fan of the boring livery they have.

Because Iím of French Canadian descent and have a lot of family in Montrťal, I collect Air Canada models, and have Air Canada through the ages, starting with the DC-8 of Trans-Canada, and through to the current day. Theyíve had a lot of interesting liveries over the years, and it makes for a colorful collection.

I also have very small collections of Air France and Pan Am, just iconic ones that I like. With Air France, I have a Constellation, Caravelle, Concorde, A320, 777-300, and A350. Pan Am- Stratocruiser, 707-320B, DC-8-32, A310, so very limited but they represent the history of the airline or the industry as a whole.

Then there are random ones, just something that I liked that doesnít fit any of my collecting criteria, but wanted anyway. A Hawaiian 717-200, because I flew one on vacation in Hawaii, 3 or 4 Southwest models, some military transports, and a few fighter jets in 1/200, like F-22s, F-35s, Typhoons, etc.

So while there may be some gaping holes in the collection, Iím happy with what I have.

jcahea 05-20-2021 12:53 PM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
Great thread topic! I don't have any holes in my collection unless by choice (A321LOL). Some of the Air Frames or Airlines that I have chosen not to purchase will not be added to my collection unless I eventually fly on it (doesn't have to be exact registration-only view regs. as a bonus).

Seven-Eight-Seven 05-20-2021 01:20 PM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
With collecting criteria and a limited budget, there are many unrepresented aircraft in my collection, most of my criteria are, aircraft I've spotted, US carriers, special liveries, and freighters.

Much of my very small collection are comprised of 737's, 777's, and 747's, which leaves many other aircraft models to be had. Despite the many desired models out there, my limited budget has brought out a very scrutinized selection process, so every model i buy is one of many that i really want, leaving no chance for buyer's remorse. I guess you can say I really like Boeing aircraft.

Another area of commercial aviation i would like to get more of are the classics, propliners and early jets.

While there are probably more, these are the unrepresented aircraft not yet in my collection, that have probably gotten my attention at one point or another.
Antonov AN12
Antonov AN124
Antonov AN 22
Antonov AN 224
Airbus A300
Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Airbus A330
Airbus A340
Boeing 717
Boeing C-17
Douglas DC-3
Douglas DC-4
Douglas DC-8
Douglas DC-9
Douglas DC-10
Douglas MD-11
Gulfstream G600
Hughes Hercules H-4 (Spruce Goose)
Lockheed L-1011

DirtyBird 05-20-2021 02:04 PM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
I have 250+ 1/200 scale models. Other than an Iberia A340-600, I have no other A340's and it is one of may favorite airframes.

I am hoping to correct that once my Inflight Olympic A340-300 arrives and Inflight issues a Turkish Airlines A340-300!

Pronto 05-20-2021 02:09 PM

Re: Under Representation in Your Collection
My collection comprises mostly modern aircraft, so there are only a few older types such as DC-8s and 707s...plenty of 727s(many Hasegawa in that bunch), though. Even fewer types going to piston props.

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