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Unhappy PreOwned GJ Delta L1011 issues

I just received a Delta L1011-500 from a popular collection sale that arrived with some flaws. The biggest issue is a bent stabilizer. it also has one wheel set replaced that has white hubs rather than silver like the rest, the wings have tarnishing, #3 engine was off and cowling got scratched bouncing around during shipping, one red beacon that was glued back on sloppy and a paint chip in the cockpit window.

Since these models are sold "as-is", i would at least like to try and straighten the bent stabilizer and either locate a pair of silver wheels or paint them. I already white glued the engine back on. Has anyone ever attempted to straighten a wing?
I was thinking of placing two pieces of 1/4" thick Aluminum bars (with a protective layer on them) on the top and bottom sides of the stabilizer and tighten with a C clamp.... or am i taking a chance of it snapping in half? at first, i thought it had zinc rot, but the finish is smooth with no noticeable flaws.

Any suggestions?

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Default Re: PreOwned GJ Delta L1011 issues

Dip it in hot water for a while....or use a hair dryer to blow hot air in the affected part....gently put it back in place. It has worked before, but of course, at your own risk.
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Default Re: PreOwned GJ Delta L1011 issues

I have straightened a wing before and in a far more riskier way - with a hammer wrapped in a cloth. It did work but I wouldn't recommend it and I had to be careful not to use brute force. With gentle taps it did take a quite a while to get there.

The c clamp sounds workable in theory, however I don't think any method is guaranteed to be risk free. With my models, it just bothered me too much seeing bent parts and they wouldn't have gone on display without my trying to fix it.
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Default Re: PreOwned GJ Delta L1011 issues

Well i tried a hair drier, as hot as i thought i could get it without the corrogard paint blistering and it didn't want to budge. For as thin as these stabilizers are, you would think they would easily bend but they don't seem to be as pliable as gears i have straightened out before. The only one listed on ebay and as new also seems to have the same stabilizer (starboard) bent in the same manner. Link below. maybe this is common for this particular release? my original Pan Am L1011 (clipper bald eagle) is perfectly straight. Also.... only the most outboard canoe on the starboard side is painted yellow on top, unlike the Pan Am in which all are painted yellow. is that correct?

btw.... the difference is a good 1/4" which is a lot for a model of this size and very noticeable head on or from the rear. v

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Default Re: PreOwned GJ Delta L1011 issues

Let me check mine in a moment and see if it is the same......
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