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DavidUK 01-09-2018 02:24 PM

What scale is this Comac ARJ21?
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These photos are from Ebay, link at the bottom of this post.

The listing says itís 20cm, 1:400. At 1:400, 20cm would make it larger than a 777. I told the seller that a 1:400 model would be about 8cm, and that a 20cm model would be about 1:165 and asked him which was correct. I suspect that his English isnít as good as mine as he replied Ďitís 1:400 20cmí.

Looking at the stand (which looks common to several low-quality Chinese 16cm 747s available on Ebay), I would guess that itís 20cm. What do you think? If thatís the case I shall get the Panda Models 1:400 version ó but of course it's twice the price!

Iíve already got a 1:200 Comac C919, manufacturer unknown, which is the same size as my A320 but with inferior engine detailing and no landing gear. I wouldnít mind a 1:200 ARJ21 but prefer 1:400s mainly due to space limitations, but I donít like random sizes like 1:165 as it wouldnít fit in with any of my other models. Thank you.


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