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Diogenes the Cynic 05-15-2016 10:59 AM

Western Models UK - B-36 Arctic Red
Western Models UK - B-36 Arctic Red
Has anyone seen this new release? I've always wanted an Arctic B-36. I am hoping they have tried to update the old model. To be fair, the model is impressive sitting by itself, but put it against the modern diecast offerings from China, and its age really does show. The photo isn't really clear, which makes me think there has been no attempt to try to update it, though the nose gun looks not so toyish compared to the previous releases.
I'd like to know as it's an expensive model to purchase
CBU10X | Western Models UK 1:200 | B-36B Peacemaker USAF 492028, Carswell AFB 1949 (Arctic scheme) - Aviation Retail Direct


YOWguy 05-15-2016 06:12 PM

Re: Western Models UK - B-36 Arctic Red
I like this one too. One regret is it is a 'non jet' -36 but I would take this livery over the jet equipped other one they have. As I recall, here are a couple of DAC members who have a -36 who do get to ARD, so I will support the above request for an eyes on review/comparison.


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