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Justin_ 01-11-2016 02:12 AM

Gemini 200 Philippine Airlines A321
My first purchase in 2016. :D

With the rest of my PAL fleet.

19. 20. 21.


DELTA-711 01-11-2016 02:27 AM

Re: Gemini 200 Philippine Airlines A321
Beautiful model and great Pics... I love the painted winglets too, always a fan of airlines keeping livery on the winglets rather than plain unpainted ones...

D-AIHB 01-11-2016 04:41 AM

Re: Gemini 200 Philippine Airlines A321
Very nice pics and model, but I do hope that Gemini will consider to retool the A321 nose,
I find the shape absolutely too thin and pointy.

A nice A320 series comparison pic, and you can clearly see (at least from my humble opinion),
that the A319 nose shape is the best, then the A320 and at last the A321.

I love that Alitalia A319, I consider it my best A320 series replica model ;)

Justin_ 01-11-2016 06:51 PM

Re: Gemini 200 Philippine Airlines A321
Cheers guys!

I also think the A319's nose is the best which is a shame that the rest aren't the same. I hope a A318 mould gets made so I can complete the family.

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