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TheFSXPilot 07-16-2015 09:16 AM


I was just wondering if www.scalemodelstore.com is safe to buy from. In their About us section, it says " It is even more risky if you have to pay in advance, like in our webshop" So can I trust them? I had never purchased any models from an online store before because I am relatively new to model airplane collecting. :o I only have six models.

Thank you in advance.


Pieter666 07-16-2015 10:33 AM

Re: ScaleModelStore
Purchased couple of times from him, trustable, never had problems with him.
Good prices, and low shipping costs for my country.
And fast in replying questions.

Downsides: he only ships 2 times a week and a surplus percentage when paying with paypal (but other retailers do that too).

But I can only recomend scalemodelstore.com

AirCal 07-16-2015 10:51 AM

Re: ScaleModelStore
I've only bought from them once, but didn't have a problem and my item arrived in the US safely and quickly.

TheFSXPilot 07-16-2015 10:54 AM

Re: ScaleModelStore
All the ratings are usually 4.5-5 stars. That must be good. How long does it take to ship to Canada?

YOWguy 07-16-2015 11:17 AM

Re: ScaleModelStore
I sent a model the other way, ie canada to the uk and it took nearly 6 weeks using surface mail which is likely what they use given the pricing. What is it they have you can't find on this side of the pond?

TheFSXPilot 07-16-2015 11:29 AM

Re: ScaleModelStore
Well 6 weeks is long, man. Can you get faster shipping or anything like that?

YOWguy 07-16-2015 11:54 AM

Re: ScaleModelStore
You could ask them.

TheFSXPilot 07-16-2015 12:22 PM

Re: ScaleModelStore
I guess I could.

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