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Question Mystery Plane

I was going thru some old slides and I came across a couple shots that peak my interest. Back in the Fall of '93 I was out on the flight line at McGuire AFB and we were shooting KC-135's of the 150th AREFS. At the end of the line of tankers stood an all white KC-135. We were told not to photograph this plane as it "DID NOT EXIST". In fact we could not proceed down the flight line to get a closer look. About a year latter I was again at McGuire but outside the fence line shooting touch and goes of KC-10s,C-141s and KC-135s. Well, into the landing pattern comes this mystery plane. It was all white with a black, gold and black cheat line. The only visable markings were the numbers 24126 under the cheat line and forward of the rear tailplane. The refueling boom had been removed and there were different types of antennae along the top and bottom of the fuselage. If anybody has information about this plane I would be interested.

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The number you listed offers no help.
You failed top mention if it had any "US Air Force" or "US Navy" markings?
JT-3 engines or CFM?

It sounds as if it could be a VC-137B/C bird as there was one that was painted white but no cheatline and the BUNO# was on the tail.
The Navy E-6A/B are also all white but there is one in inventory that has a small black cheatline and no numbers on the tail although it is marked "US Navy" and has the National Aircraft Insignia clearly visible as do all the U.S Military 707 variants I am aware of.
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This all white plane was devoid of all military markings and insignias. Nothing to designate what branch of service it belonged to. It has JT-3 engines and the Bu# is not on the tail. I went to Vol. #10 of International Airpower Review,2003, Boeing C-135 Family. This plane seems to belong to this variant,but with no military markings or any other markings only that #24126. It must belong to the EC-135 or C-135 family. On further reading of this article I came across a TC-135S with Bu#62-4126 belonging to the 55th Wing RC-135 fleet,which replaced a TC-135S that became a RC-135W. I am wondering if this TC-135S is the same plane I photograped back in '93?
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Default Picture of Mystery Plane

Was this a TC-135S back in 1993

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Originally Posted by chekur6
Was this an TC-135 I guess it's not a mystery plane anymore, eh?
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According to Robert Hopkins' book "Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker - more than
just a Tanker" published in 1997:

62-4126 First flew on 18th May 1962. Delivered on 29th May 1962. Assigned
in 1967 to 1st MAS 89th MAW at Andrews AFB. Configured with a VIP interior
and redesignated VC-135B Redesignated C-135B on 1st December 1977 un-
der the Carter Administration's "low profile" effort. Transferred in September
1991 to the 55th Wing at Offutt AFB as a CSA*. Since transferred to the
21st AF at McGuire AFB for an unidentified transport mission, possibly with
the On-Site Inspection Agency (OSIA) or for discreet VIP operations, with
crews from the 141st AREFS 108th AREFW, New Jersey ANG.

*CSA - Command Support Aircraft

Checking the database of all USAF serial numbers, this aircraft is listed as
having begun conversion to TC-135S in January 2004.
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