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Last Updated on: 08-12-2013

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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Part # Reg. Remarks Date Priority Budget Comments
18136 Iberia DC-10-30 1:400 ACECCBP  EC-CBP  "1970s" Colors. Named "Costa Dorada". With Polished Belly.  10/16/2012    0.00   
21425 Iberia DC-9-30 1:400 JX595  EC-DGC  "1990s" Colors. Named "Castillo De Sotomayor". With Rolling Gears.  09/30/2012    0.00   
32562 Iberia DC-9-30 1:400 NM  EC-BQX  "1970s -Fantasy Gold Tail" Colors. Named "Ciudad de Valladolid.  09/30/2012    0.00   
33019 Iberia DC-10-30 1:400 ACECDHZ  EC-DHZ  "1990s" Colors. Named 'Costas Canarias'. With Rolling Gears.  06/14/2012    0.00   
33704 TAP Air Portugal B 727-200 1:200 IF7220812AP  CS-TBR  "1970s" Colors. With Polished Belly.  12/19/2012    0.00   
34165 Iberia Express A320-200 1:400 ACECFCB  EC-FDB  "2012" Colors.  12/17/2012    0.00   
35511 Iberia A330-300 1:400 ACECLUB  EC-LUB  "2010s" Colors. Named Tikal.  07/12/2013    0.00   
35577 Iberia A330-300 1:400 GJIBE1275  EC-LUB  "2010s" Colors. Named 'Tikal'.  07/12/2013    0.00   
35596 Iberia DC-10-30 1:200 IFDC10EC13  EC-CSJ  "1970s" Colors. Named 'Costa de la Luz'. With Rolling Gears.    Not Entered  0.00   
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lapaqui's Want List
lapaqui has 0 models on his/her Want List
ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Registration Engines Comments

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