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51 1:400 Private $1,832.12 Private

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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Part # Reg. Remarks Comments Source Trade
2193 TAP Air Portugal B 747-200 1:400 GJTAP263 CS-TJA  "1970s" Colors. Exclusive for Ocean Wings, Portugal.       
2212 VARIG MD-11 1:400 GJVRG150 PP-VPP  "Selecao Brasileira de Futebol / World Cup" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo.     eBay   
3159 VARIG B 737-800 1:400 55396 PP-VSA  "1995s" Colors. With Stand.       
3295 TAP Air Portugal A340-300 1:400 55042 CS-TOA  "1990s" Colors. With Stand.       
3393 VARIG B 777-200 1:400 55415 PP-VRA  "1998s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand. Exclusive to Tucano Line Switzerland.    eBay   
3419 VARIG MD-11 1:400 55326 PP-VRG  "1998s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand.       
3870 TAP Air Portugal Se-210 Caravelle 1:400 AC18017 CS-TCA  "1960s" Colors. Named "Goa".    eBay   
4137 VARIG MD-11 1:400 GJVRG384 PP-VOQ  Early "1990s" Colors.        
5660 ABSA Cargo B 767-300 1:500 NA PR-ABB  "1990s" Colors.     eBay   
6630 VARIG MD-11 1:400 PH4VRG044 PP-VPK  "2004s" Colors.    eBay   
6661 VARIG B 767-300 1:400 AJVG002 PP-VOL  "1980s" Colors.    eBay   
6870 Pan American World Airways Concorde 1:400 55590 NA  Fantasy Model. With Stand.    eBay   
6902 TAP Air Portugal B 707-300 1:400 AC18145 CS-TBA  "1960s" Colors. Named "Santa Cruz".       
7054 VARIG DC-10-30 1:400 55670 PP-VMB  "Late 1990s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand.    eBay   
7806 VARIG L-188 Electra 1:400 AC18318 PP-VJV  "1970s" Colors.     eBay   
8347 TAP Air Portugal A310-300 1:400 GJTAP526 CS-TEI  "1990s" Colors. Exclusive for OceanWings.    Ocean Wings   
9855 TAP Air Portugal A310-300 1:400 PH4TAPXXX CS-TEX  "2005s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. Exclusive for Ocean Wings Portugal.     Ocean Wings   
10839 VARIG B 777-200 1:200 BO-7720H-025 NA  "1994s" Colors. With "Star Alliance" Logo. With Stand.    eBay   
12315 REAL Transportes Aereos L-1049 Super Constellation 1:400 ACVPR103 PP-YSC  "1960s" Colors.        
12358 British Airways Concorde 1:400 GJBAW612 G-BOAB  "Landor" Colors.     eBay   
13598 TAP Air Portugal B 747-200 1:400 NA CS-TJB  "1980s" Colors.    eBay   
13695 Gulf Traveller B 767-300 1:400 55959 A4O-GZ  "2003s" Colors. With Stand.     eBay   
14926 VARIG B 767-300 1:400 55174 PP-VTC  "VARIG Charter" Colors. With "Euro Atlantic Airways" Logo. With Stand.    eBay   
15240 VARIG B 747-300 1:400 NA PP-VNI  "Star Alliance -1990s" split Colors.     eBay   
17536 VARIG CV-990 1:400 NA PP-VJF  "1960s - Delivery" Colors.       
17824 Kuwait Airways B 747-200 1:400 AV4742004 9K-ADB  "1990s" Colors. With Rolling Gears. With Stand.       
18654 VARIG A300B2/B4 1:400 ACPPVND PP-VND  "1980s" Colors. With Rolling Gears.       
19006 VARIG B 767-300 1:400 AV4763009 PR-VAD  "2007s" Colors. With Stand. With Rolling Gears.       
19129 TAP Air Portugal B 747-200 1:200 IF742014 CS-TJB  "1980s" Colors. Named "Brasil".    eBay   
19241 SAS Scandinavian Airlines DC-10-30 1:400 AV4DC1004 LN-RKB  "1960s" Colors. Named "Haakon Viking". With Rolling Gears. With Stand.       
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ID Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Scale Comments Source Trade

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